Spela lagom – a part of Svenska Spel’s work on gambling safe and responsibly

Spela lagom, "Play Safe", is an initiative taken by Svenska Spel to offer its customers information and advice on healthy gambling habits. The content of Spela lagom has been drawn up in collaboration with experts and researchers in the field of responsible gambling and gambling addiction, and the facts are examined continuously.

The idea behind Spela lagom is to offer clear, engaging information that aims to prevent problems, educate about how gambling works and provide tips and advice on healthy gambling habits.


18 aldersgrans

Introduced age limit for all gambling
The earlier you start to gamble, the greater the risk of problems developing. This is why we have age limits for gambling. The age limit for casinos is 20, and 18 for games and lottery tickets. We perform regular checks to make sure that this is observed, and retailers who break the rules can be barred.

Introduced mandatory registration of all gamblers with Svenska Spel
We have mandatory registration of all games except lottery tickets in shops and games at Casino Cosmopol. This enables gamblers to have an overview of their gambling and see their gambling history, and we can offer functions such as a weekly budget, warning signals for risky gambling and restrictions.

Proactive chats with casino guests
Casino personnel chat with guests who are displaying indications of problem gambling. Personnel inform them about the responsible gambling programme and the facility for voluntary exclusion or limiting visits. A guest can take a break of three or six months and one year or three years, or limit his or her weekly visits.

Offer limited visits or exclusion from games
Gamblers can accept a period of exclusion or limited visits by blocking their gambling card. During this period the gambler can neither gamble nor perform transactions at svenskaspel.se, and this also applies in the games store (not physical lottery tickets). The period can be 3 or 6 months, or alternatively 1 year or 3 years.
Contact customer service if you want to know more about exclusion

Offer a unique service to help gamblers keep track
With our help tool, gamblers with Svenska Spel can keep track of their gambling. The tool, Mina Spelvanor (Playscan), measures gambling and warns of risky behaviour. The purpose is to prevent or make the gambler aware of unhealthy gambling. It also provides enhanced knowledge about gambling problems and prevention.

Inform about the Support Line
We communicate the phone number of the Support Line on lottery tickets, receipts and all advertisements. Gamblers and relatives who are experiencing gambling problems can call the Support Line to speak or chat with advisors or share experiences with other gamblers.

Encourage taking the self-test
As thoughts and emotions can change, it’s a good idea every now and then to evaluate your gambling habits. This is why we offer all gamblers the opportunity to perform a self-test. The test captures early indications of risky gambling, and the gambler gains a perception of whether he or she is on the way to developing gambling problems.

Educate everyone who sells our products
We educate all employees and everyone who sells our products in responsible gambling. The purpose is to increase understanding of the problems that can arise in connection with gambling activities and provide tools to deal with this in a good way.

Maintain a dialogue with gambling addiction associations
An ongoing dialogue with gambling addiction associations and representatives from the care of gambling addiction provides us with valuable knowledge and is important in marketing, product development and responsible gambling initiatives.

Provide support for research
In 2010 we set up a research council that contributes SEK 5 million every year to gambling research and initiatives to prevent problem gambling. We also give SEK 2.5 million to a research professorship, and have initiated a partnership with Lund University and give support to a research post in the field of addiction medicine with a special focus on gambling addiction.

There also things that we avoid for the purpose of responsible gambling.

Here we have summarised some things that we at Svenska Spel do not do from a responsible gambling perspective.

No bonuses or discounts on games
We do not have a business model that recruits customers by means of special offers on bonuses, discounts, VIP systems or rakebacks. The aim is to avoid creating or increasing demand for gambling and thus an increase in problem gambling.

No intrusive marketing aimed at risk gamblers or inactive gamblers
Svenska Spel is restrictive in its marketing towards customers with at-risk gambling behaviour. We do not contact customers who have been excluded or those who have not gambled for a long time. The aim is not to encourage blocked customers or customers with at-risk behaviour to gamble more.

Restrictive direct marketing
All of Svenska Spel’s customers are given clear information to the effect that their personal data can be used for marketing purposes, and they must give their consent for personally targeted advertising. We do not send direct advertising, i.e. advertising by means of, for example, text message, post or digitally, to customers who have declined this. Our customers must be able to easily select which advertising they want to receive, both via the website and via Customer Service. Every advertising message must also include an opportunity to decline any further advertising.

High-risk games are marketed restrictively
Svenska Spel is restrictive with advertising for those kinds of games that are considered more high-risk than others. Marketing must not be at the expense of an increase in social problems relating to gambling.

We do not offer free spins or autorefill
We do not offer autorefill or free spins. Autorefill means that a gambling account is automatically topped up from a bank account when the money runs out, and aims to encourage gamblers to spend more money, thus counteracting the intention behind setting gambling limits. Free spins also encourage gambling, and the reason for not offering this is to avoid creating and increasing demand for gambling.

No VIP or loyalty programmes
At Svenska Spel we have neither VIP nor loyalty programmes. This is in order to counteract excessive gambling by not rewarding an increase in gambling consumption.