How we gamble

We enjoy gambling in Sweden. Games are now available almost everywhere, and we gamble on mobiles, computers, via agents, in restaurants and in casinos. About 70% of Swedes gamble at some time during the year. If you look at gambling as a trend, there are fewer people gambling than used to be the case,

but those that do gamble are actually gambling more. But how much do we actually gamble for? And what do Swedes prefer to gamble on?

The 10 most popular games in Sweden

Group 10 Postkodlotteriet

Group 11 V75

Group 12 Triss

Group 13 Lotto

Group 14 Casino Cosmopol

Group 15 Värdeautomater (Vegas)

Group 16 Oddset

Group 17 Keno

Group 18 Joker

Group 19 Eurojackpot

Game companies' share of the Swedish market


of the Swedes play once a year




is what the average Swede loses on games per year

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Where does the money go?

Where a gaming company’s profits go depends on which gaming company you use. If you gamble with one of the companies that holds a Swedish gaming permit, the money will go to some form of charitable purpose. If you gamble online with a company that has no permit to sell its products in Sweden, the profit goes to the company’s shareholders.


How the Swedish gambling market is regulated

The Swedish Gambling Authority is an authority with expertise in issues relating to games and lotteries, and its aim is to have a healthy, safe gambling market. One important element of the Swedish Gambling Authority’s undertaking is to issue permits for various forms of gambling. Gambling in Sweden is illegal, apart from the gaming companies for which the Swedish Gambling Authority has issued permits.

The Swedish Gambling Authority is the body that is there to make sure that the Swedish gambling market is legal, safe and reliable. The undertaking also includes monitoring the interests of consumers and making sure that the harmful social effects that gambling can cause are minimised.