Has gambling stopped being a pleasure for you?

Does the major part of your existence revolve around gambling? Do you sometimes try in vain to stop gambling? Do you lie about how much you gamble? Has your gambling had negative consequences for your family, friends or work?

Help is available
If you’re wondering whether your gambling has become a problem for you, you can contact the Support Line, by phone, email or chat. It doesn’t cost anything and you can remain anonymous if you wish. The Support Line is operated by the Centre for Psychiatry Research at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm County Council on behalf of the County Council, and it has no connection with any gambling company. You can use the Support Line to talk with someone who understands you and the situation you are in. You can also obtain information about where to turn for help.

Kontakta Stödlinjen

Call, email or chat anonymously

In addition to the Support Line, you can find help and support via the following resources:

Pia kept her gambling addiction concealed from her family
Pia talks about how the memory of that first major win led to her gambling becoming more and more risky. She kept her increasing dependency concealed from her family and friends, but was eventually caught after stealing from her workplace.

What characterises gambling addiction?
At present there are 165,000 Swedes with gambling problems. But in contrast to other addictions, gambling problems are difficult to see from the outside. What is it that actually differentiates a problem gambler from other gamblers? Psychologist Jakob Jonsson explains what characterises problematical gambling behaviour and what leads to addiction.