13 simple tips to help you gamble responsibly

1. Set limits for your gambling – and keep to them
It’s easy to gamble more money than you’d intended. So it’s a good idea to decide in advance how much money you want to gamble, and not to take any more money than that. Otherwise it’s easy to get carried away and gamble more than you’d planned. If you gamble with Svenska Spel you can set a weekly budget and not deposit any more money in your gambling account than you have decided.

2. Be aware of your gambling habits
Is your gambling responsible or risky? Use Svenska Spel’s smart self-test to find out for yourself. The test only takes a few minutes, and it includes tips on how you can gamble more responsibly. As a customer of Svenska Spel you also have access to an automatic risk assessment based on how you gamble.

3. Gamble because it’s fun, not for the money
Gambling should be fun and exciting. Of course it’s great to dream about winning the jackpot, but if you think that gambling is the solution to your financial problems, you’re on the wrong track. People can certainly win a lot from gambling, but it’s extremely unusual.

4. Don’t use gambling as an escape
There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from everyday life sometimes. But if you gamble to avoid difficult thoughts and emotions, it can be the beginning of a vicious circle in which you feel worse and worse as costs increase. Gambling should be a pleasure, not a way of avoiding problems.

5. If necessary, take a break from gambling
If the level of gambling gets too high, Svenska Spel offers the facility to take a break from all gambling with us. You decide for yourself how long this should last. When the period is over, you can start gambling again. At Casino Cosmopol there is also a facility to limit the number of visits.

6. Acquire knowledge
Many gamblers have a false view of how gambling actually works, which means that they make poor choices in their gambling. Here at Responsible Gambling we’ve collated important information to help people make smart decisions.

7. Set an alarm, so you don’t gamble for too long!
Gambling is fun, and sometimes time flies. One simple trick to keep to your planned time is to set an alarm. This enables you to relax and enjoy your gambling and to call it a day when time’s up.

8. If you lose – take a break before continuing
When you lose, you often feel an impulse to gamble again, even though you’ve decided to stop. One simple way of avoiding this is to wait a while before you continue gambling.

9. Keep your gambling at a stable level: don’t raise the stakes
Some people can feel that it’s not as exciting to gamble after a while. If you then raise the stakes to get back that sense of excitement, it can be the beginning of a vicious circle. A better solution is to take a break from gambling and then start again later. You’ll then get the excitement back even though the stakes are the same.

10. Never gamble more than you can afford
If you feel that you can’t tell those around you how much you’re gambling, this is a strong indication that you’re gambling too much. Never gamble more than you can afford.

11. Take warning signals seriously
If you experience negative consequences from your gambling, you must take this seriously. One good first step can be to contact the Support Line, tel. 020 - 81 91 00.

12. Don’t gamble to try and recover your losses
When we lose, many of us feel a strong urge to win back our money. Chasing losses is the beginning of problem gambling behaviour. It’s always good to set gambling limits before you gamble, to help you to stop in time.

13. Keep an eye on your gambling history at svenskaspel.se
At svenskaspel.se gamblers can log in and view their gambling history, including wins and losses, total time spent and how much money they have spent on their gambling. This function exists in order that gamblers can maintain an overview of their gambling and make good decisions regarding their gambling habits.